SEVENSTORE design by Start Design on Hypebeast

SEVENSTORE design by Start Design is an innovative, barrier-breaking, hybrid retail and event space that proves brick and mortar retail is far from dead. Minimalist and future tech, to celebrate the heritage of its warehouse setting in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, the interior design blurs the boundaries between commerce and creativity. The space can be refreshed every seven weeks to host an entirely new edition of the store. Inspired by Liverpool’s thriving creative culture, it is designed to build close links with its immediate community and entice visitors to explore an area not traditionally associated with shopping.

SEVENSTORE is named after the seven streets in Liverpool which played host to its illustrious commerce history, most notably during the industrial revolution. Combining high-end labels with technology and design, it aims to build bridges between communities and cultures by presenting new ideas that rethinks the fixed ‘store’ format in favour of true shopping  ‘experiences’. SEVENSTORE design is a streetwear hotspot for those looking to pick up the likes of A-COLD-WALL*Martine RoseOff-White™, 1017 ALYX 9SM and Acne Studios.

At the heart of the SEVENSTORE design concept is a belief that ‘fashion is much more than clothes, shoes and accessories, and retail is more than windows, rails and tills’, the design blurs the boundaries between commerce and creativity. Its dual function as both venue and store carefully intertwines a curated program of content with ever-changing new fashion collections and collaborations.

Set within a minimalistic industrial warehouse, the store has been designed as a platform to celebrate creativity, doing so through its selection of household names and emerging designers. Speaking about the store’s launch, SEVENSTORE Buying Director Mark Macdonald said: “SEVENSTORE design demonstrates that retail is far from dead. A carefully curated mix of fashion, music and art will intertwine throughout our “Seven Week” editions instore, with all of our activity looking to bring the store as close to the community as possible.”

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