1 August 2023

Transforming the construction industry for a better built tomorrow

Innovo Group is a London-based construction and real estate development company, chaired by former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Hammond and born out of the renowned ASGC Group founded in Dubai and famous for such iconic buildings as the Coca-Cola Arena, The Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion and Dubai’s striking Mohammed Bin Rashid Library.

The key aim of the new Innovo business is to introduce smart technology and innovative sustainability practices to disrupt the traditional construction and real estate sectors which are resource heavy and frequently associated with climate damaging activities.

Partnering with Start Design Group to create a distinct positioning – ‘Innovating for a Better Built Tomorrow’ – Innovo has now launched its new name and brand identity, also created by the Start Design team.

Commenting on the new brand launch, Bishoy Azmy, Innovo Group CEO, said, “This a new dawn for the business, in many ways 35 years in the making. The new name and identity defines our new era, one founded on innovation, smart technology and a commitment to support a more sustainable tomorrow.”