1 July 2023

Empiric Student Properties plc (LSE:ESP) added to FTSE 250 Index

Empiric Student Properties (ESP) has joined the FTSE 250 after steady growth. Achieving this significant milestone is a result of the business’ continued confidence as it expands market share through the revigorated Hello Student brand, which focuses on student accommodation for the undergraduate market.

ESP have also updated their portfolio with properties targeting the burgeoning post-graduate market, under the new brand Hello Postgrad. This move demonstrates ESP’s mission to put students’ needs at the centre of everything they do, as neatly encapsulated in the new Hello Student logo.

The updated ESP and Hello Student brands have been managed by London-based brand and design consultancy Start Design Group, as has the creation of the new Hello Postgrad branding. The new brands are now being rolled out across ESP’s 34 sites in the UK.

Commenting on ESP’s inclusion in the FTSE 250, CEO Duncan Garrod said, “This is an important milestone for ESP, and reflects the renewed, positive energy evident across our portfolio of world-class brands and properties.”