D&AD New Blood festival, here comes a transfusion of talent

D&AD New Blood festival venue
D&AD New Blood festival

The D&AD New Blood festival opened just round the corner from our studio in Shoreditch last week to showcase some of the industry’s brightest up and coming and incoming creative talent. We walked in looking to see what stood out. And we walked out feeling energised, impressed as all hell and, well, many years young. 


After a bunch of debate, some insistent ALL CAPS hangout messaging, and some level-headed deliberation, here are the eight things we saw that stuck with us the most. 

Dora Newstead 

©Dora Newstead


Project: Flow 

Championing the idea of ‘everyone’s right to feel good’, Dora created a gender-neutral range of affordable makeup and skincare which breaks down gender barriers – taking the fear of judgement right out of the impulse to purchase. And the execution was as brilliant as the idea, capturing the right balance of brave typography, striking photography and overall vibrancy.  


Abbie Burland

©Abbie Burland


Project: KO Girl

Based on the insight that 1 in 4 girls “hate the way the look when they exercise”, Abbie created an experience geared to get more girls into boxing. The idea involved creating girls-only boxing clubs throughout London and tying the experience together with an app and website that allows members to manage their training, interact with other another and create customised exercise gear they’d be comfortable working out in.


Harvey Robinson   

©Harvey Robinson


Project: Coutts One 

Harvey created a digital solution that allows Coutts Wealth Managers to engage in a new way with their customers. Their ‘Coutts One’ experience introduced a more streamlined approach to banking processes for the new generation of wealth. Alongside the very considered user journey, the stripped back look and feel gave the app a real premium experience vibe. Smart, sleek and simple.


Megan Pearce Wright 

©Megan Pearce Wright 


Project: Whatulookinat

“As a child born with Cleft Lip and Palate, you think you are the only child like you in the world.” Such was the basis for WhatuLookinat,  an ‘insta-blog’ Megan created to raise awareness of Cleft Lip and Palate. Working in collaboration with CLAPA (the leading UK charity for Cleft Lip and Palate) the project aimed to connect with kids living with Cleft Lip and Palate and let them know they’re not alone through personal and relatable illustrated posts. We weren’t the only ones impressed; the project was awarded the D&AD ‘one to watch’. 


Curtis Reeve


©Curtis Reeve


Project: The Masculinity Project

For all the men out there who struggle to talk openly about their mental health, Curtis’  project encouraged men open up about what was going on by filling out postcards anonymously. The postcards acted as a conversation starters, helping the participating men begin important conversations with their friends and family. The postcards sent in formed part of an exhibit that furthered the conversation about men’s mental health.


Caitlin Wagg

©Caitlin Wagg


“Go Large” project was a sustainable street food brand created to support the homeless. While having digital versions Caitlin also created beautiful screen printed posters that played on the design and words of grocery store signage.


Lauryn Raymond

©Lauryn Raymond


Lauryn Raymond’s project LadyFuckin’Like was created to challenge and replace the stereotype of what it means to be a woman with what it is to be a real woman today. Additionally, her thesis on gender inequality discussed whether women in graphic design have a responsibility to express their gender identity as role models to other females, and what effects that might have on younger generations.


Ted Chiddle

©Ted Chiddle


Project: Virgin Unite

A project that helps solo travellers to go on adventures together and create a community of like-minded explorers. Its well thought through app and website perfectly supported the experiences at every stage from booking onward. 


All in all there was some great stuff, too much to take it all in or list it all out here. We wish these talented people every success and we’ll be watching out for them in the future.


Looking forward to D&AD New Blood festival 2020!


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