Hustle smarter

Stint is a revolutionary new business that matches businesses with part-time job opportunities, or stints, to students looking for work in a way that fits around their busy university schedules. In doing so, Stint not only provides local businesses with an invaluable source of flexible and economical support, but also helps fund the next generation of students without interfering with their all-important studies.
Start Design and Stint worked closely to create a brand strategy, brand positioning and brand identity based around the core idea of Hustle Smarter.

At the heart of the brand identity is the colon, a familiar punctuation mark, symbolising the division of time between study and work, rest and play. Beautifully simple in execution, the identity is easy to remember while acting as a subliminal call to action.
Having completed the branding, Start Design were responsible for applying the concept across all digital touchpoints, including UX and UI across online and mobile applications.