Feeling lucky? Get Plucky.

As the first digital sweepstake, Plucky is a genuine category disruptor. It has taken the traditional sweepstake model and removed all the hassle and bits of paper to create a far easier and entirely seamless process that anyone can participate in wherever they are.
Start Design were approached to create an entirely new and ownable name and brand for what was previously called In particular, it was important that the new name and brand felt different from traditional betting sites, attracting the vast swathes of people who would happily participate in a sweepstake but wouldn’t want to be seen ‘gambling’.
Following an exhaustive naming process, Plucky was born, accompanied by a distinct visual identity that emphasises the fun and social aspects of a sweepstake.

Plucky launched in late 2022, and since then has seen exponential growth, happily coinciding with events like the FIFA World Cup and Strictly Come Dancing.