We think differently

Since its inception CubeLynx has been widely recognised as one of the UK’s foremost proponents of a neurodiverse workforce. Leading by example it employs a significant percentage of neurodiverse people across its data modelling and consultancy business.
CubeLynx approached Start Design with an intriguing brief: how to turn its neurodiversity into a distinct advantage which clients can easily understand and leverage to their benefit. Our solution was to position the brand around the idea of ‘We think differently’, challenging assumptions by recasting neurodiversity as an enabler of improved performance.
The wordmark was redesigned using a reversed ‘y’ - creating a disruptive visual statement which starts a series of questions asking around ‘why’ it is better to think differently. The ‘y’ also forms the basis of a visually intense graphic system that brings all communications to life.

Now fully launched, the new brand has received much praise and recognition from the UK government and CubeLynx staff and clients alike.